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Bloom 2015 - large show garden

Project name:

Our Origin is Green

Large show garden for Bloom in the Park 2015


The garden concept for ‘Our Origin is Green’ has developed from a Celtic knot design of two dogs found in the Book of Durrow. Celtic design has been a source of inspiration for designers and crafts people for many centuries. The application to Landscape has often been through a rustic style. The purpose of this garden is to demonstrate Celtic design through the use of modern Irish materials. The layout provides the garden user the opportunity to reflect and emerge on to a secure seating area. The path taken to this point can be on a secure path or over water by stepping stones. This journey represents the various paths Irish people have had to travel in the last decade, with the end result being a confident and modern Ireland.

A piece of sculpture named ‘Copes’ is positioned over the edge of the lower water feature. This combines the human figure with elements from Nature. This piece is about taking a moment to
reflect on yourself and your surroundings, something that many Irish people have had to do in recent years.

The aim of the garden is to demonstrate an emerging confident Ireland post its recent reflective period.


  • Gold Medal
  • Best in Show



May 2015